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How do i know if i have termites?

The best way to know is to schedule a Termite inspection with us. However if you click below you can see some signs of termites that we would be looking for.

About Us

Vista Termite is a full service Termite control firm serving the Antelope and Santa Clarita valleys. Providing termite control services for both residential and commercial applications. Our combined 30 years of experience guarantees competency when addressing your termite concerns.

Trust Vista Termite to continually offer quality service at a reasonable cost.

 Vista Termite understands the need to remain competitive, 

and strives to maintain a cost structure your budget will appreciate.

Need an inspection for A Real Estate Transaction?

​Vista Termite knows how urgent it is to get your report to you in a timely manner, after the inspection has been completed your report will be in all relevant parties emails by the following morning or even same day!  

Also, Vista Termite will bid all of the Section 1 items, giving you a one stop shop for both inspections and repairs.

Have Questions? Contact Us For More Information

or to schedule your termite inspection over the phone.

(661) 916-7456

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